• Investor Matching (International and local)
  • Credit

The project would support projects from a minimum of USD 5,000 and a maximum of USD 5 million based on project size and operational categorisation. Adjustments will be made where appropriate to accommodate projects outside the stipulated support bracket. Credit to businesses will come in the form of:

  • Equity;
  • Long and short term trade financing;
  • Long and short term asset financing.

Different modalities would be rolled out to cater for the various business segments.

Applications for financial credit support are categorised according to the investment required and number of people to be employed as shown in the table below:

Category Investment required
Micro scale Enterprises ≤ US$50,000
Small scale Enterprises ≤ US$100,000
Medium scale Enterprises ≤ US$1,500,000
Large scale Enterprises ≤ US$5,000,000
  • Business support services
  • Business assessment and assistance with developing a growth strategy;
  • Capacity building, Mentoring and coaching;
  • Provision of networking opportunities;
  • Assistance with financial planning and financial management;
  • Assistance with regulatory and legal compliance;
  • Links to strategic partners for market and community access facilitation;
  • Sector specific technical support including project management, quantity surveying and engineering services etc.;