The current government under the able leadership of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo seeks to address the problem by undertaking a massive industrialisation campaign across the country, which will equip and empower communities to utilise their local resources in manufacturing products that are in high demand both locally and internationally. This will allow the country to reap the well known rewards of industrialisation, such as gains in efficiency in every facet of life in our society, increase in agricultural and manufacturing output, a reduction in the reliance on imports and increase in the production of consumer goods and food availability.

Whilst we focus on funding enterprises playing in all sectors of the economy, our emphasis is on identifying high growth businesses in the strategic sectors of the economy. These include:

  1. Input/Raw material producer groups
  2. Agro processing and business
  3. Textiles and Clothing
  4. ICT
  5. Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  6. Waste management
  7. Distribution and trading
  8. Tourism, Arts and Crafts


  1. Confirmation of Receipt of Application via phone or email.
  2. Initial Screening & Due Diligence
  3. On-Site Due Diligence
  4. Credit Assessment
  5. Compilation of Reports
  6. Assessment Committee
  7. Contracting and Disbursement